Episode 077 – 7.5 Things You Need to STOP Doing

Episode 077 – 7.5 Things You Need to STOP Doing

You’re doing too much. We know it, you know it. LISTEN?this week, we have 7-1/2 things you should STOP doing. And no joke, if you stop doing HALF of the items on this list, you will not only increase your business, but you’ll enjoy your life more. Have your cake and eat it, too!



  • Terry messes up his own name [0:30]
  • How to outsource your email inbox [3:40]
  • Terry’s irrational fear of email [6:00]
  • Stop showing homes [7:30]
  • Stop making your presentations [9:28]
  • What you SHOULD be doing [10:45]
  • Stop visiting your listings more than twice [12:44]
  • The origin of LOCKBOX MAN! [15:48]
  • Stop forgetting home anniversaries [16:40]
  • Stop shopping [19:50]
  • Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day #1 [21:38]
  • Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day #2 [22:30]
  • Stop talking to your clients [23:15]
  • The seven-and-a-halfth thing to stop doing [26:17]



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