2018.5.16 Boom Podcast – Next Level Sellers PART 1

Episode 119 – Next Level Service for Sellers (PART 1)


In a sea of real estate agents, how will you stand out and be different? By offering “next level” service for your clients, so they refer their friends and family to you forever and ever. In this two-parter, we’ll tell you how to give the service that will keep you in business for years to come!

PLUS we deal with our paleness, whether or not to accept food and drinks from clients, and how NOT to go too far!



  • Dealing with paleness [1:15]
  • Producer Christian’s verbal tick [2:13]
  • The #NextLevel journey on our team [7:05]
  • Before the appointment [9:50]
  • Utilizing video to go “next level” [11:20]
  • Accept the offer of food or drink? [18:05]
  • How to be “next level” after the appointment [19:39]
  • How to be “next level” just prior to listing [23:13]



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