Episode 010 – 5 Ways To Prepare for Suckier Times

Episode 010 – 5 Ways To Prepare for Suckier Times

Sooner or later, a slowdown in the housing market is inevitable. In this week’s episode, we share with you 5 Ways To Prepare for Suckier Times.



  • Kid Intro [0:00]
  • Flaunting child labor laws [0:31]
  • Megan still hates children [1:04]
  • Todd’s goal for the podcast [1:42]
  • Todd’s mouth horn [2:36]
  • Terry’s Barbara Walters impression [3:05]
  • Why you’ll still be able to build your business even when the market is down [4:04]
  • Budgeting for a market downturn [5:15]
  • Diversifying your streams of income [8:35]
  • Building and strengthening your niche [14:20]
  • How the basics will build your business [17:50]



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