Episode 012 – Take A Month Off – HOW (Part 2)

 Episode 012 – Take a Month Off – HOW (Part 2)

OH SURE, you say?.take a month off?.no problem!!!

We’re picking up on your sarcasm. And we’re doing something about it. In this week’s show, we get into the NUTS AND BOLTS of how to take a month off, and how to it every year. PLUS, don’t miss our free checklist download, so you can start planning your month off TODAY!



  • We go NPR [1:11]
  • What to do a year before your month off begins [4:50]
  • The virtuous cycle the allows you to take a month off every year [7:05]
  • What to do six months before your vacation begins [7:30]
  • Todd thinks he owns people [8:45]
  • Beta testing your month off [9:34]
  • Getting the right people in place [11:56]
  • Getting someone to cover your clients [18:00]
  • Big dog in a little bag [19:32]
  • Getting the right systems in place [21:15]
  • Using an ISA for continued lead generation [22:40]
  • A simultaneous woop-woop [24:50]
  • Todd’s experience on a reality show [24:50]
  • Compensating those who cover for you [25:45]
  • Catching up after vacation [27:45]



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“The End of the World” by R.E.M.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0GFRcFm-aY

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