Episode 016 – Inman Day 1 Wrap

Episode 016 – Inman Day 1 Wrap

At the end of each day of Inman Connect in San Francisco, we recorded a podcast episode that included our HUGE TAKEAWAYS from that day’s activities. We recap, discuss, and break it all down.

Day 1 of Inman was GIANT, and we had an incredible time going through the content. If you missed the conference, this is a great way to get some high-level content, and feel like you were there.



  • Terry has deja vu [2:50]
  • Mean Siri [3:15]
  • Change your habits or kill your business [4:16]
  • Todd and Megan’s Anniversary Celebration [4:50]
  • Sasha Farmer’s Story [5:32]
  • Being fearless [7:50]
  • Our new “fearless” marketing campaign [8:57]
  • A day in the life of a successful agent [10:18]
  • What successful agents DON’T do first thing in the morning [11:30]
  • How your business can grow BECAUSE of a healthy personal life [13:20]
  • Converting online leads into lifelong clients [15:39]
  • How often to follow up with leads [16:36]
  • Saavy agents and what’s winning in tech [18:39]
  • A simple and clever use for email marketing [20:30]




“Psyched out of our minds”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SUTTYo-rmo

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