Episode 029 – Outside the Box Networking


Episode 029 – Outside the Box Networking

On our team, Networking is our second-leading source of business (Sphere is first.) The opportunity for growing your business is massive, and it’s time to get to work on it! This is an AWESOME use of your time, so in this episode we’ll tell you where to do it and how to connect with people while you’re there.

And lots of ridiculousness, too. Of course. And clarified yak butter.



  • Listener’s impressions of Todd and Megan [0:50]
  • The importance of networking [2:04]
  • Miley Cyrus [2:10]
  • Net-twerking with intent [4:47]
  • How to find a networking group built around your interests [6:24]
  • Specializing and differentiating [6:48]
  • How to be cool [7:30]
  • Becoming a leader in your networking group [9:10]
  • Following up with people you’re networking with [10:19]
  • Staying focused on just one or two groups [11:22]
  • Live networking [12:30]
  • Volunteering [15:00]
  • Cutting out sugar [16:50]
  • Participating in events [20:03]
  • Online (social) networking [24:55]



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Special Olympics: https://give.specialolympics.org/page/contribute/high?cha=13&ms=evergreenEMG&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=BRD%20-%20IN&utm_term=special%20olympics&utm_content=HTS%20-%20SPECIAL%20OLYMPICS

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