Episode 030 – 5 Tips to Show With Style

Episode 030 – 5 Tips to Show With Style

Any trained monkey can unlock a door. But you’re better than a trained monkey, right? Right! You’re a member of the Boom Real Estate Podcast Elite Hall of Real Estate Champions of Showing With Style (trademark pending)!

So, in this episode, we conduct a boot camp on HOW TO WOW your buyers during showings. These are “can’t-miss” ninja tips that will have your buyer clients sending you referral after referral. With plenty of hijinks, as always.



  • Beverage [0:00]
  • Calm intro for Producer Christian [0:34]
  • Spider monkeys [1:21]
  • Our exciting new podcast headquarters [2:10]
  • Hitch the wagon to the horse? Horse to the wagon [3:38]
  • Negative ROI helps [3:49]
  • On punctuality [4:35]
  • The basics of car ownership [7:26]
  • Look AWESOME! [9:30]
  • The deep vee [10:25]
  • Out-dressing your clients [11:00]
  • Prom dresses vs. wedding dresses [11:19]
  • Preparing to show a home [12:52]
  • Some items you can give buyers during showings to WOW them [13:27]
  • An awesome tip for using video for showings [18:05]
  • How to avoid spending an hour at each showing [18:28]
  • Providing a lovely beverage for your client [19:30]
  • Handling buyers who bring their kids [21:47]
  • Using a clipboard with kids [22:52]
  • The tech-forward showing [23:37]
  • Doing something remarkable [24:45]



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How to Wow: 68 Effortless Ways Make Every Customer Experience Amazing, by Adrian Swinscoe: https://www.amazon.com/How-Wow-Effortless-Customer-Experience/dp/1292116897/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1478054208&sr=8-2&keywords=how+to+wow

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