Episode 034 – Creating a Rockin’ Team Culture

Episode 034 – Creating a Rockin’ Team Culture

Team culture is everything. (Unless you’re a solo agent. Well, sometimes even then, team culture is everything.) You can be purposeful and plan your team culture, or you can wing it and get mixed results. No big surprise here, but at the Boom we encourage you to create a Rockin’ Team Culture?ON PURPOSE. Stay tuned to learn how.

By the way, we felt silly sayin’ “rockinG”, so we just made it “rockin'”, like it’s the 1950’s or somethin’.



  • Todd encourages unsafe driving [1:11]
  • Where a Rockin’ Team Culture starts [2:03]
  • Creating a vision for your team [2:50]
  • How to pronounce “niche” [3:00]
  • Recruiting [4:29]
  • The Chicken List [7:30]
  • Booting people who don’t fit the culture [9:50]
  • Semi-annual vs. Bi-annual [15:25]
  • Going for it! [16:29]
  • Follow your systems [18:04]



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