Episode 035 – Interview with Tom Ferry

Episode 035 – Interview with Tom Ferry

He’s the undisputed King of Real Estate Coaching. Tom Ferry has served over a half-million real estate professionals. And for some reason, he agreed to talk with the members of the Boom Real Estate Podcast. (We can’t explain it either. We assume he feels sorry for us?whatever, we’ll take it!)

Tom wastes NO TIME getting you psyched and prepped for 2017?you CANNOT miss this episode. You’ll have so many takeaways, you’ll be so fired up, you’ll forget to celebrate the holidays. As a result, your family and friends will hate you. But on the bright side, you’ll DOMINATE your business in 2017!



  • Real talk [2:24]
  • A serious contract negotiation between Tom and the Boom Team [2:50]
  • Tom comes clean about his roots [3:49]
  • Tom is pumped about the market [4:35]
  • How agents put themselves in a bind with their marketing [6:50]
  • What script to use for bad holiday presents [9:05]
  • An awesome sphere idea for the holidays [10:30]
  • Best practices for reviewing last year and planning next year [11:18]
  • The beauty of farming [14:08]
  • Facebook as a Seller Farm Database [15:15]
  • Tom’s killer unconventional advice for new agents [19:41]
  • Throat-punch healings at the next Tom Ferry event [25:45]
  • Deep dive into the brain of Tom Ferry [26:30]
  • What Tom likes to do most [26:47]
  • Where to connect with Tom [28:40]



Tom Ferry: www.tomferry.com

Commissions, Inc.: http://www.commissionsinc.com/

BoomTown: http://boomtown.com/

Episode 092 of the Tom Ferry Show: http://info.tomferry.com/dc/O2WAsL97hk_8o-9mPjOJhJm0sEYj0L7KrW3sKICPTP6dkIDPVOe_ZwLBo_lytigR3AegPEGn6EHjX80bUgTWEQ08be5osge-syWQxjhlm9kIgoHVMJGB76pDVynKe9IslHrayzCXuuMmjfogdoiMev8UlB-vHqAY5jfLNj9BssDiv0N2eaVciW0FwOhidnd4wdzyVVr_Zubzn5wnBuhi0Q==/m000AV2070CHsirDX2o0SQ0

Nordstrom’s: http://shop.nordstrom.com/?cm_mmc=msnsearch_nord-_-Nordstrom_Terms-_-Nordstrom_Branded_Terms_Core-_-nordstrom_e&rkg_id=h-781982a9f0f0933c3b25664798a8c668_t-1480989409&creative=7547126723&device=c&matchtype=e

Saks Fifth Avenue: http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/Entry.jsp

Tom’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3ZAfS1Z3J_Itfy7Rp745cg

Lisbon, Portugal: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g189158-Lisbon_Lisbon_District_Central_Portugal-Vacations.html

Tom’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TomFerry/?fref=ts



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