Episode 043 – Top Takeaways From Inman NYC

Episode 043 –  Top Takeaways From Inman NYC

Todd and Terry brought the #HustleGrind to the Big Apple last month. In this episode, we review our top lessons learned at the Inman Connect NYC conference. Oh, and Megan is the Star of the Show!



  • Megan is the host of the show! [0:00]
  • #HustleGrind [2:29]
  • An invitation to bravery [3:51]
  • Re-Marketing Lists for Search Ads?an awesome sphere marketing tactic [9:10]
  • “Lookalike” audiences on Facebook [11:48]
  • Diversifying income streams [13:09]
  • Diversifying your lead generation streams [16:53]
  • Todd’s man crush is? [17:32]
  • WOW your clients [18:48]
  • Movie trailer impression [19:55]



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