Episode 045 – The Great BOOM Debate!

Episode 045 – The Great BOOM Debate!

We mixed it up a little on this episode?rather than work through a single facet of the business of real estate, we decided to debate several “hot button” issues in the real estate world. We had tons of fun and lots of laughs?don’t miss this one-of-a-kind episode!



  • Whispering podcast [1:22]
  • 2017 real estate market predictions [3:58]
  • Megan’s horrific on-the-job injury [5:28]
  • Terry’s breaking and entering story [6:17]
  • Coach or no? [8:00]
  • Best place to advertise in 2017 [10:42]
  • Print media vs. social media [11:20]
  • Photo on your email signature, or not? [14:00]
  • Length of email signature [15:45]
  • Number 2 source of referrals this year [17:08]
  • Biggest best new technology for 2017 [18:32]
  • Virtual reality predictions [20:35]
  • Best book to read or speaker/agent to follow in 2017 [21:35]



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