Episode 049 – How To Build the Best Real Estate Team Ever! [Part 2]

Episode 049  – How To Build the Best Real Estate Team Ever! [Part 2]

Team, team, team?we are as bullish on teams as we are on video. So?.the Boom Team is doing a two-parter on building the best team ever. In part two, we discuss the WHERE of building your team.



  • Mining your sphere for recruiting [3:30]
  • Tough talk from Megan [5:05]
  • Don’t be afraid to go after talent [8:15]
  • Headhunting people in other careers [9:35]
  • One of the best careers to snag recruits from [9:55]
  • Recruiting and mentoring college students [12:00]
  • Asking for referrals [12:45]
  • How to recruit?what to say [15:20]
  • Enrolling others in your goal [17:55]
  • Having tact [19:50]
  • The Chicken List [21:00]
  • Having a recruiting packet [22:50]
  • Following up and standing out [24:37]




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Puck: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Rainey

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