Episode 053 – Our Buyers Always Remember Us

Episode 053 – Our Buyers Always Remember Us


There are loads of Real Estate agents out there. So, what can you do to help your buyers remember you? A huge portion of our business comes through referrals. We leave a lasting impression on our clients, so they’ll not only return as repeat customers, but refer us to their friends as well. In this episode, we discuss our process and systems?along with how to WOW your clients throughout the purchase.



  • Let’s Jump Into the Topic [3:14]
  • Being Memorable Throughout the Buying Process [4:23] 
  • The Process [5:47]
  • Our Steps [7:51] 
  • Find Your Energy [16:48] 
  • The Systems [21:33] 
  • The WOW! [26:07] 



The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins: http://www.businessinsider.com/tony-robbins-morning-routine-2015-10/#-1 

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Top Producer – http://www.topproducer.com

Realty Juggler – https://www.realtyjuggler.com 



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