Episode 059 – Find Sellers in a Sellers Market, PART 3

Episode 059 – Find Sellers in a Sellers Market, PART 3

In a sellers’ market, homeowners are going to have more control of the negotiations and get optimal prices for their house, but some sellers aren’t sure they’re ready to roll. In Part 3 of “Finding Sellers in a Sellers Market”, we discuss concerns sellers have and give you 5 tips to get them off the fence. There are some HOME RUNS in this episode amidst discussions about Siri, counting, and that Brian Walker guy. So listen in, help put your Sellers at ease, and get them on the market!



  • Intro, How to Count in Any Language [0:57] 
  • #1 – Know the Lingo [3:20] 
  • What is Number 3 in Norwegian? [4:16]
  • Siri Fails badly in the Sports trivia category [4:50] 
  • #2 – Know Your Local Rental Options [5:52] 
  • Mid-Podcast Update from Producer Christian [8:24] 
  • #3 – Know New Construction. Or is it “No New Construction”? [9:08]
  • #4 – Know Your Pocket Sellers [12:46] 
  • #5 – Know Your Contracts [15:15] 
  • Summary and the launch of BOOMLIFE [20:15]



Counting in Norwegian – http://www.marijn.org/everything-is-4/counting-0-to-100/norwegian/ 

Brian Walker’s Inman Articles – http://www.inman.com/author/brian-walker/ 

BOOM Real Estate Podcast Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/boomrealestatepodcast/ 



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