Episode 073 – Be the Client

Episode 073 – Be the Client

OUTDOOR PODCAST!! We’ve never done it before, so with beautiful Indianapolis weather, we had to go for it. This week, we’re talking ideal clients. Who are they, what are they thinking, and how can you market to them? There’s no better feeling than working with clients you love, so be intentional about this week’s episode, and you’ll have a more amazing business and a more amazing life! And enjoy the relaxing burbling fountain.



  • A new, outdoor podcast experience [1:00]
  • Terry loses it [2:23]
  • Deciding who you want to work with [7:45]
  • The secret to making gourmet food [9:15]
  • Working with people who are NOT your ideal client [10:20]
  • Finding your ideal client [13:40]
  • Leveraging transaction numbers to increase quality of life [17:00]
  • Becoming the client [18:10]
  • How to go after your ideal client [20:10]
  • Laying a nugget [21:40]



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