Episode 083 – The 3 “Ize” of Staging

Episode 083 – The 3 “Ize” of Staging

Staging is super important to get your listings sold fast and for more money. But you don’t need to be an ASP to get great results for your sellers. This week, we talk about three keys to staging those listings; getting your listing show-ready; and breaking the news to your clients about how to make their house look its best. Plus, we expose HGTV’s secrets!

With apologies to the German people?



  • Terry attempts the splits [0:54]
  • Cynical lotto winners [4:30]
  • Minimizing your listing [9:50]
  • HGTV’s little secrets [10:46]
  • Pre-packing [12:30]
  • Producer Christian’s German skillz [14:55]
  • Neutralizing your listing [15:50]
  • Organizing your listing [21:05]
  • The “Odd” Rule [22:16]



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