Episode 092 – 8 Ways To Be An Effective Leader (Part 1)

Episode 092 – 8 Ways To Be An Effective Leader (Part 1)


Like it or not, every real estate agent is a leader in some capacity. (A scary thought?Todd, Megan, and Terry are LEADERS?!) But it’s true. If you are the leader of a team or brokerage, or just your own business and self?you are a leader!

So for the next two weeks, we’ll be walking you through 8 Ways To Be An Effective Leader! Math.



  • The Ferris hardcore diet [0:00]
  • Math. [2:44]
  • Having a vision and stating it [5:47]
  • Having a plan to make vision a reality [9:41]
  • Reverse engineering your vision to create a plan [10:00]
  • Hiring wisely [11:10]
  • Protecting your culture [15:55]
  • Delegate and empower [17:08]



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“Heavy is the crown.”: https://literarydevices.net/heavy-is-the-head-that-wears-the-crown/

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