Episode 101 – Seth Price at Inman NYC

Episode 101 – Seth Price at Inman NYC

It’s time for Inman?it’s Inman time! This time, Seth Price is back and better than ever! He’s a never-ending fountain of knowledge, and he brought that to the Boom podcast again! Enjoy this INCREDIBLE conversation about content marketing, the WHY of your clients and prospects, and how to pronounce “niche.” (“nitch” or “neesh”?)



  • What happened to Episode 100?! [0:00]
  • What’s a bangle? [0:27]
  • What is content marketing? [3:38]
  • Is content marketing for everybody? [4:48]
  • Getting focused and clear on your business [7:10]
  • The hardest thing for a business to do [9:05]
  • Process mapping [13:20]
  • Optimizing your business systematically [14:20]
  • How to easily optimize your website [15:25]
  • Types of content to put in front of people [17:10]
  • A great example of content marketing [18:04]
  • “NITCH” or “NEESH”? [21:03]
  • Thinking through the customer’s experience of your marketing, & where to drive traffic [22:05]
  • Seth’s methodology for thinking deeply about content, marketing and calls-to-action [25:20]



Inman Connect NYC: https://www.inman.com/event/inman-connect-new-york-2018/

Marriott Marquis Hotel Times Square: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/nycmq-new-york-marriott-marquis/




NOT THIS:  http://jones-aucunachatrequis.blogspot.com/2013/06/top-10-du-lundi.html

Our 1st episode with Seth Price: http://boomrealestatepodcast.com/episode-017-seth-price-at-inman-connect/

Placester: https://placester.com/

Craft of Marketing Podcast: http://craftofmarketing.com/

The Road to Recognition: http://www.theroadtorecognition.com/

Seth spills his water on the Boom Real Estate Podcast: https://www.facebook.com/boomrealestatepodcast/videos/280519418987995/

They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan: https://www.amazon.com/They-Ask-You-Answer-Revolutionary-ebook/dp/B01NAO775R/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518574364&sr=8-1&keywords=they+ask+you+answer

Sharon Steele: https://sharonsteelerealestate.com/cranford/

Simon Sinek: https://startwithwhy.com/



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