Episode 111 – Getting Listings In A Low Inventory Market

Episode 111 – Getting Listings In A Low Inventory Market

In this market, the agent that lists, wins. In this episode, not only do we help you uncover ways to get more listings in a low inventory market, but we have a plethora of ridiculous words that we attempt to wedge into conversation. Why? For no reason. Because it was there. Because we can.

Lend an ear, and drop the BOOMSTICK on your listing inventory today!



  • We’ve got spirit [0:30]
  • YouTube stars? [1:45]
  • Our dumb word game [3:45]
  • Going after expireds [8:30]
  • An easy way to convert FSBOs [11:24]
  • Finding listings at open houses [12:50]
  • Marketing to your sphere for listings [14:20]
  • Using Facebook video [16:50]
  • Using Zillow’s Make Me Move [19:48]
  • Facebook ads directly to those who are most likely to move [21:50]
  • Strategic relationships with other professionals [24:00]



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