Episode 114 – Crush the Next 7 Days!

Episode 114 – Crush the Next 7 Days!

The Spring Selling Season is here, and it can be tough to get the fire started. OR, you might be drowning in paperwork and minutiae and need to get yourself caught up to move your business forward proactively. This revolutionary concept of the 7 Day Crush is designed to help you get caught up and get moving forward. CRUSH the next 7 days. Commit and DO IT!



  • Keeping it saucy [0:45]
  • Producer Christian’s Interrupting Phone [2:00]
  • Terry’s got a neck [3:15]
  • What the Seven-Day Crush is [5:45]
  • The first step to catching up [8:00]
  • Todd names trees [8:48]
  • Clear your schedule [10:57]
  • Getting a partner to cover your business [13:24]
  • Being accountable [16:20]
  • Taking mini breaks [19:40]



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