Episode 126 – Networking Done Right

Episode 126 – Networking Done Right

Behind our sphere and referrals from our sphere, networking is consistently the #3 largest source of business for our team. There are right ways to do it?and wrong ways. In this episode, we will help you be a memorable, lovable networker?and not a weird creeper.

PLUS we talk flossing (the dance), scented business cards and the importance of nice quads!



  • Terry and Christian’s awkward moment of the day [2:15]
  • Dances that stand the test of time [3:45]
  • Terry flosses [4:38]
  • The number one place to go to network and do it right [6:30]
  • Having a networking goal [7:55]
  • Another way to network correctly [9:10]
  • Scented business cards [12:00]
  • The art of asking the right questions [12:47]
  • F.O.R.D. method of conversation [15:09]



How to do the Floss:  https://youtu.be/3F1JLzBdlKs

Scented Business Cards:  http://scentedprinting.com/

Our previous episode on networking: http://boomrealestatepodcast.com/episode-029-outside-the-box-networking/

Rainmakers: https://gorainmakers.com/

Our episode on body language with Lisa Mitchell: http://boomrealestatepodcast.com/episode-110-body-language-with-lisa-mitchell/

F.O.R.D. Method of Conversation:  https://oureverydaylife.com/use-ford-method-conversations-2087525.html



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