Episode 130 – BYO CRM

Episode 130 – BYO CRM

Does anyone know what CRM stands for? Listen to this episode to find out!

Other than your phone, CRM is the most important tool you have as a real estate agent. But most agents don’t use CRM well—or even know what it is. In this episode, we go through 101-, 201-, 301-, and 401-level practices for your CRM. So no matter where you are, you can dive in even deeper; work your database more; and get more closings.

PLUS, we dive deep into our basketball skills!


  • Todd’s newest business idea [1:40]
  • Killer ideas for managing brokers [2:40]
  • The Boom Free Throw Challenge [4:35]
  • Todd’s basketball reputation [6:20]
  • What is CRM? [8:30]
  • 101-Level CRM practices [12:40]
  • 201-Level CRM practices [16:10]
  • 301-Level CRM practices [17:30]
  • Beginning custom activity plans [18:45]
  • 401-Level CRM practices [22:15]
  • The best CRM is… [23:50]


Ultimate Larry Bird Mixtape:  https://youtu.be/hcXv0JtzNQA

College Course Number Meaning:  https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080513065115AAjtI1A

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