Episode 133.1 – NAR Day 1 Preview with Season 1.5 Intro

Episode 133.1 – NAR Day 1 Preview with Season 1.5 Intro

We Know…you’re thinking:  “Wait….what? The Boom Team was supposed to leave me alone until January, 2019!” Well Dear Listener, not so fast! We were privileged to travel to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to attend the National Association of Realtors conference. And boy, was it a doozy!

Of course, Producer Christian brought along his recording gear and we found some of our favorite people—and new friends—to interview in between attending classes and keynotes. Todd even interviewed one of the founding fathers of our country, Paul Revere! (Not sure that’ll make the cut, though.)

So, what to do about all these new shows with business-changing knowledge and great guests? How about a Season 1.5 that slots perfectly between the Season 1 Finale and our brand-spanking-new Season 2?

Here we go…Season 1.5!



  • Season 1.5 Introduction—it’s Fun Sized! [0:20]
  • New NAR Jingle [1:12]
  • Here’s where we are in Boston, exactly [2:15]
  • Introducing Boom Video Guy Jordy [2:35]
  • Our impressions of Boston so far [3:28]
  • Todd gets soaked on the way over [3:39]
  • NAR is SO big! [4:10]
  • Who’s in town? What’s going on in Boston? [5:10]
  • “Housewives of Evansville, Indiana” Reality Show [7:08]
  • The Boom Team is speaking at NAR, too [7:45]



Fun-Sized Candy Bars:  https://www.livestrong.com/article/360845-nutrition-facts-for-fun-size-candy-bars/

Bing Boston Travel Guide:  https://www.bing.com/travelguide?q=Boston&l2sid=f0f5899a-361f-4fe4-89d1-11130aa2c653&form=TRGUML&qpvt=boston

NAR Conference: https://www.conference.realtor/

NAR 2018 Speaker List:  https://www.conference.realtor/speakers/

NAR Expo Vendors:  https://www.conference.realtor/realtors-expo/

2018 World Series Champs Boston Red Sox:  https://www.fanatics.com/mlb/boston-red-sox/o-9043+t-36440786+z-8922-3205083707?vap=1&ab={wt-static_graphic}{pt-team}{al-A_Spot}{ct-MLB_WS_CHAMPS}

NAR 2018 Todd Ferris Speaker Profile:  https://www.conference.realtor/speaker/todd-ferris/

NAR 2018 Megan Ferris Speaker Profile:  https://www.conference.realtor/speaker/megan-ferris/

NAR 2018 Terry Waggoner Speaker Profile:  https://www.conference.realtor/speaker/terry-waggoner/

NAR 2018 Mark Wahlberg Speaker Profile:  https://www.conference.realtor/speaker/mark-wahlberg/

If you visit Boston, please get a cannoli from Mike’s:  http://www.mikespastry.com/

How to get on our email list: http://boombusinessplan.com/



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