Episode 133.2 – NAR Interview With Katie Clancy

Episode 133.2 – NAR Interview With Katie Clancy

We Know…you’re thinking:  “Wait….what? The Boom Team was supposed to leave me alone until January, 2019!” During our “offseason”, we traveled to Boston to attend the National Association of Realtors conference. While we were there, we found cool people to talk with, like Katie Clancy. So we did.

As always, Katie delivered the goods. She is a sought-after speaker, trainer and marketer based in Cape Cod. What is a Cape anyway? Why Cod? We ask these hard-hitting questions—and more—on this episode recorded LIVE at NAR.



  • “On” the Cape? [2:39]
  • Katie is going to turn our lives around [3:55]
  • Storytelling in the business [4:18]
  • Katie’s central message [5:50]
  • Katie’s Manifesto [6:30]
  • Improving and giving in the industry [8:15]
  • Boston trivia and impressions [9:10]



NAR Conference: https://www.conference.realtor/

NAR 2018 Speaker List:  https://www.conference.realtor/speakers/

Katie Clancy:



Valerie Garcia: https://www.valeriegarcia.com/

Our previous episode with Katie Clancy: https://boomrealestatepodcast.com/episode-127-real-estate-leadership-with-katie-clancy/

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