Episode 133.7 – NAR Day 3 and Season 1.5 Wrap

Episode 133.7 – NAR Day 3 and Season 1.5 Wrap


It’s the end of the NAR conference and the end of the Boom Team’s recordings while there…or is it? Join Todd, Terry, Megan, Christian, and Jordy as they discuss their top takeaways from three eventful days in Boston! (Spoiler alert:  alpacas, Boston accents, and relationships all make the final cut.)

Special thanks to all those that currently live—or have lived—in Boston. You’ve built a city that the Boom Team will never forget and we hope to visit again very soon. Boston, we love you!



  • Recap of all the Boom guests [2:20]
  • 25,000 agents under one roof!  [2:55]
  • Terry’s top takeaway from the conference [3:35]
  • Megan’s favorite part of the conference [4:11]
  • “You’re sauced!!!” [4:48]
  • Todd’s has three “top one” takeaways [5:52]
  • Christian’s top takeaway [7:17]
  • Jordy’s top takeaway [8:25]



NAR Conference: https://www.conference.realtor/

NAR 2018 Speaker List:  https://www.conference.realtor/speakers/

Want to speak with your very own Bostonian accent: https://www.bu.edu/mfeldman/Boston/wicked.html

Want to avoid connecting with others humans while reading about the value of human connections: https://www.goodtherapy.org/blog/profound-impact-of-human-connection

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