Episode 139 – Time Is Money REVISITED

Episode 139 – Time Is Money REVISITED

Look at us RIGHT NOW—right in the face. Listen carefully. We mean business. Most people wait too long to hire somebody. Don’t be one of those people. You have been warned.

This week, we help you to do the work you love, grow your business AND get your personal life BACK!



Yepyepyepyepyepyep [1:53] Why you want to leverage your time [4:40] Terry gets fired [7:25] Producer Christian takes over [7:38] Who your first hire should be [8:30] Hiring the right person for the job [10:10] What to do when you get busy [12:10] Leveraging time in your personal life [13:29] The biggest lie you’re telling yourself about delegation [16:04] How to afford an assistant [16:45] Thinking outside the box to find help [19:32] The almighty task list [20:05] The “Perfect Work Week” exercise [21:15] When you should hire your first assistant [22:36] Keeping the client experience strong [24:21] Getting past the fear of hiring someone [25:15]



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