Episode 145 – Season 2 Launch!

Episode 145

Season 2 Launch!


IT’S HERE! After a mere 152 episodes (counting Season 1.5), the Boom Team is ready to roll with Season 2! This time, the team will be focused on the systems it takes to run a successful business and to enjoy a successful life!

Of course, we’ll wrap that up in the warm blanket of idiotic and nonsensical behavior that you’ve come to know and love.

In this first episode, we’ll catch up on both where we’ve been and what we’re planning for Season 2.  From building your own systems to buying systems for handling all of your business, the Boom Team breaks it down. Be sure to join us for every crazy moment this season!



  • Todd has tight hammies! [1:16]
  • Welcome to Season 2 [2:20]
  • Meet Jordy, plus Terry’s new shirt! [3:11]
  • Same old email address, though [5:05]
  • Check out what we’re doing on YouTube [6:28]
  • We have yet to learn Spanish [6:58]
  • Our first sponsor! [7:38]
  • Who we are and what this is….[9:27]
  • Season 2 theme is “Systems” [11:09]
  • Will Todd continue with his beard? [13:22]
  • “Do you purposefully wash your face?” [14:01]
  • Season 2 episode titles [15:26]
  • Making it rain! [17:47]
  • If you give a mouse a podcast… [18:45]



“15 Mistakes You’re Making When You Wash Your Face”:  https://www.self.com/story/how-to-wash-your-face

Design Pickle: designpickle.com

Learn to speak Spanish: RosettaStone.com

Real Estate on Purpose: REOnPurpose.com

“How To Stop Beard Itch In Six Easy Steps”:  https://wisebeards.com/beards/stop-beard-itch/

Christian’s phone number: 1-800-PODY-PRO

Great read for the kiddos: https://www.amazon.com/You-Give-Mouse-Cookie-Book/dp/0060245867



Email: info@boomrealestatepodcast.com

Web:  www.boomrealestatepodcast.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/boomrealestatepodcast

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1P-rEDZ1h2UYT20EN4mYQ

30-Day Jumpstart:  http://boom30.com/


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