Episode 146 (Season 2, Episode 2) – Systems to Start Tomorrow

Episode 146 – Season 2, Episode 2

Systems to Start Tomorrow

This season, the Boom Team will be tackling your whole day and business hour-by-hour, step-by-step, piece-by-piece, bonbon-by-bonbon, starting with your evening routine! (That’s right—the Boom Team will be joining you while you sleep. Sorry about that.)

Episode 2 is all about “Owning the Night” and ensuring you’re set up for a great tomorrow! Find out exactly how to prep your next day and what temperature to set your room. Hear Megan deliver a quote word-for-word. Plus, a whole lot more!

Own the night if you want to own tomorrow!  Season 2, Episode 2, starts……now!



  • The power of Todd’s brain is amazing [1:06]
  • Our first “Todd & Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day” of the Season! [3:27]
  • Of course Christian doesn’t buy un-level homes, does he? [5:36]
  • A failed title…. [7:31]
  • Christian loves his sounders [11:44]
  • Create separation [13:31]
  • What can you prep for the next day? [15:08]
  • SHUT IT DOWN! [18:40]
  • “Bed’s are for sleeping” [18:58]
  • Megan gets a quote right! [20:50]
  • The Team tries to put you to sleep……if you’re not already [22:31]
  • Todd talks about his preferred level of firmness [23:44]
  • Do you sleep under the lights? [24:37]
  • “Get a job, hippie!” [27:27]





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