Episode 147 (Season 2, Episode 3) – Maximizing your Morning

Episode 147 – Season 2, Episode 3

Maximizing your Morning

The Boom Team is fresh off of a solid night of sleep and ready to share their thoughts about how to start your morning, (as well as their recipe for their infamous Boom Boom Cottage Cheese)! It’s morning and we’re hoping you have a routine full of habits! If not, then stop what you’re doing and listen!

As you know, your day starts with the morning. In order to win the day, you have to first win the morning. Listen for helpful tips on how to go from “snoring” to “roaring’. Learn how to get things done and Maximize your Morning (no cottage cheese needed)!



  • Producer Christian shows off his 1’s and 2’s skillz! [1:42]
  • The studio gets a facelift! [2:43]
  • Megan—the Canary in the Coal Mine. [4:06]
  • Terry votes himself off the show [4:41]
  • Todd lays down a challenge! [7:20]
  • Todd’s Game o’ the Day [8:53]
  • First win for the day:  Waking Up [11:00]
  • The Sleep Cycle app [13:55]
  • Terry goes first at “How do you Do?” [16:06]
  • Where’s your safe place? [18:39]
  • Christian’s turn at “How do you Do?” [20:57]
  • Terry loves stretching! [22:00]
  • Quick examples of Affirmation [23:31]
  • Todd’s takes a shot at “How do you Do?” [25:22]
  • Time to get your body right [26:40]
  • Second breakfast? [28:48]
  • Megan’s big “How do you Do?” moment [29:49]



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