Episode 148 (Season 2, Episode 4) – Systems to Own the Day

Episode 148 (Season 2, Episode 4)

Systems to Own the Day

The Boom Team spends time filling your ears with some of the most important information you’ll need:  1) How to win a fight and 2) How to win the day!

Join Todd, Megan, and Terry, as they walk through how a typical day should look—if you want to be highly successful. From “power blocking” to uni-tasking, you’ll get effective tips on how to Win the Day.

Plus, we’ll introduce the new goal to start “Half-Day Friday!” Your life will (probably) never be the same.



  • Shout-out to Joseph Dixon [1:53]
  • Terry’s secrets to fighting [2:29]
  • How Megan fights [3:01]
  • Three habits of highly successful people [6:31]
  • New sound of the legal department [8:47]
  • Block in batches [9:55]
  • Better off to be high and single-tasking than sober and multi-tasking! [11:10]
  • Megan coins the term “day-blocking”…maybe [13:06]
  • Stay Proactive and not Reactive [14:47]
  • Own your schedule, Share your schedule [16:15]
  • Producer Christian’s new segment (with jingle)—”TechTip” [18:22]
  • Boom Team cleans their screens [19:00]
  • Todd walks you through your day [21:57]
  • How to attack your email inbox [23:23]
  • Christian coins the term “incontrolity”…maybe [25:31]
  • Control your schedule! [28:20]
  • Work hard, play hard, featuring “Half-Day Fridays” [31:31]
  • Use Sunday’s to Reflect and Project [32:58]
  • We’re on Stitcher now! [33:40]





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