Episode 149 (Season 2, Episode 5) – Systems for Your CRM

Episode 149 (Season 2, Episode 5)

Systems for your CRM

We’ve walked you through how to sleep at night, how to wake up in the morning, and how to manage your day. But what about all those pesky contacts that we need to run a successful business? Well, it’s time to talk Customer/Client Relationship Management! The Boom Team breaks down the whats, hows, and whos of CRMs. Then, we try to sell you on our “new” CRM that we just thought of!

Join Todd, Megan, Terry, and Producer Christian as they walk you through the importance of not only having a CRM, but using that powerful tool to grow your business. Hopefully enough to become a fellow Shetland pony owner!

Plus, if you stay until the very end, Todd will walk you down memory lane with the story he remembers from his wedding proposal to Megan. Good stuff for ear consumption!


  • Megan brings her C-game and we meet “Alterna-Girl” [1:32]
  • Boom makes the plea for a local Midwest-based radio clothing sponsor [2:57]
  • Jordy wants you to check out our YouTube page, ok? [5:22]
  • Megan’s desire is to start her own CRM [7:48]
  • What makes a good CRM? [8:41]
  • What’s your favorite CRM? [10:57]
  • What information should you put in your CRM? [12:00]
  • How do you organize your CRM? [15:38]
  • Why is everyone laughing? [18:02]
  • Etymology of “Taxonomy” [19:43]
  • Todd breaks down your goal [21:00
  • Terry gives the first sales pitch for “CRMRUs.net” [21:29]
  • Megan breaks down a basic workflow for two new clients [23:10]
  • You have to OWN your CRM! [25:25]
  • Todd remembers his proposal to Megan [26:45]



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