Episode 151 (Season 2, Episode 7) – Buyer Systems (Pre-Contract)

Episode 151 (Season 2, Episode 7)

Buyer Systems (Pre-Contract)

Continue the journey with the Boom Team as they tackle what to do from the moment you get a buyer lead, all the way up to the moment they’re ready to write an offer on their Dream Home!

Terry, Megan, Todd, and Christian, will break down each moment of the pre-contract buyer experience. They’ll also go off on a couple of tangents, talking about Don King, gravity, and which toe you would choose to lose, (if you HAD to lose one)!

We’d love you to weigh in with your opinion via chat on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram—or by being that creepy person that knocks on our door. We want to hear where you stand on your toes (get the pun?!). Oh, and what you think about this whole buyer process thing. Hit us up!


  • Todd and Terry try to defy the laws of nature as they relate to wall-standing [1:13]
  • If you had to cut off a toe…..[2:53]
  • We’d like to remind you that Megan and Todd hate various things [4:48]
  • First thing to do when you get a lead [8:16]
  • Get as much info before you meet as possible! [10:45]
  • Use video text [11:42]
  • First use of geese noises on Boom! [12:28]
  • Please, avoid the “Brag Book” [14:55]
  • Producer Christian’s Tech Tip of the Day [17:45]
  • Todd warms his hands with a mic muff [20:42]
  • Win with follow-up [22:30]
  • Todd’s phone gets to play legendary boxing promoter Don King! [25:32]
  • Megan sets expectations [27:02]
  • Connect with us! [29:07]



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