Episode 152 (Season 2, Episode 8) – Buyer Systems (Post-Contract)

Episode 152 (Season 2, Episode 8)

Buyer Systems (Post-Contract)

As we continue our journey through the buyer transaction, we leave the joy of searching for a home in order to explore the depths and despair in contract-to-close. Just kidding! This part can be just as fun as showing homes, if you do it right.

Join the Boom Team as they walk you through the steps they take with their buyers after signing on the dotted line. We take you through the process—from signing to paying. Of course, we’ll go off on a few tangents to explore some of our “favorite” car accidents, superstitions, and Megan’s career as an Olympian! Don’t miss out! Also, remember to connect with us. We want to hear about your favorite car accidents and closing gifts—hopefully not one in the same!


  • Terry remembers Megan’s amazing journey through both college and olympic athletics! [2:48]
  • Todd’s Question of the Day:  “Do you have any superstitions or rituals to prep for a big moment?” [5:50]
  • First step for a buyer:  Set expectations [9:03]
  • Ohhhhhh, the days of faxes! [10:43]
  • When was the last time you played a 24-hour round of poker? [13:26]
  • Todd lets his latest hair trend shine! [13:54]
  • Megan walks you through how she unveils the big announcement [15:01]
  • We’re happy to share! [16:29]
  • Don’t forget to check in with your clients [18:02]
  • The Boom Team relives their favorite car accidents [19:21]
  • A.M.O.T.D. – Todd and Megan’s Awkward Moment of the Day [19:57]
  • An elderly woman calls Terry a wuss, and she’s correct [22:31]
  • Producer Christian’s favorite car accident [23:52]
  • Create templates from your favorite emails [25:11]
  • Megan pops champagne at closings [26:36]
  • Todd invents his new podcast adventure:  “Everybody but Terry!” [27:28]
  • How to close the Buyer transaction [27:52]



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