Episode 153 (Season 2, Episode 9) – Seller Systems (Pre-Contract)

Episode 153 (Season 2, Episode 9)

Seller Systems (Pre-Contract)

You list, you last!” You may have heard that before and the adage is true. The more listings you have, the more likely you’ll be able to squeeze them for additional leads that a buyer wouldn’t bring you. With that, your focus should be to obtain listings first, then let the rest fall into place.

In this episode, the Boom Team focuses on just that topic—systems you should have to win that listing!

And, as the cherry on top, they also introduce America’s newest and bestest game show, “Admit it, you’re crazy!”

Enjoy listening as the team explains the ins and outs of being a top-notch listing agent, as well as a peek behind the curtain as to why their closest friends and family would call them crazy!


  • Producer Christian’s Tip of the Day:  Warm your nut butter packet with body heat. [1:41]
  • Terry learns to make mayo…sort of [03:27]
  • Todd introduces his game of the day:  “Admit it, you’re crazy!” [06:07]
  • It all starts with the lead…(Positive Roy makes a return on his horse!) [08:30]
  • “Are you in Carl’s Jr. country or Hardees country?” [11:38]
  • What to do when prepping for a listing appointment [13:46]
  • How taxes work [17:01]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Todd’s Turn [17:31]
  • Todd has issues with dishwashers…and his mother-in-law [18:31]
  • What to do immediately after the listing appointment [21:21]
  • Terry is riddled with guilt [23:03]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Megan’s Turn [24:23]
  • Megan admits she eats brownie mix [25:25]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Jordy’s Turn [28:01]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Producer Christian’s Turn [29:23]
  • Hot seller tips with Megan! [30:23]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Assistant Holly’s Turn [31:46]
  • “Admit it, you’re crazy!” – Terry’s Turn [32:13]



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