Episode 154 (Season 2, Episode 10) – Seller Systems (Post-Listing)

Episode 154 (Season 2, Episode 10)

Seller Systems (Post-Listing)

The Boom Team continues the journey through the Seller process as they go from listing your properties to the celebrations that come after the closing. Every nuance will be explored and evaluated, so that you can improve your Seller systems to run your business more efficiently.

Of course, what would a Boom Podcast be without some odd tangents like:  baby sharks (cue the song), AC/DC, Dixie Chicks, and Terry’s admittance that he may not be as buff as should be. All of this, plus the joy of seeing Producer Christian’s brain work on the spot with some live jingle-editing! Let’s continue our journey through the Systems of Boom!


  • How do our listeners listen? [01:32]
  • Todd does AC/DC doing the Dixie Chicks [03:03]
  • Terry and Todd reminisce about their college sharks [04:58]
  • Terry remembers his dried out fish, “Bubbles” [06:02]
  • Megan goes through the first steps when you secure a listing [08:08]
  • Terry coins…maybe…the term “automagically” [11:01]
  • OFFER ACCEPTED! [11:18]
  • Producer Christian gets carried away with his sounders, as usual [11:20]
  • How do you let your Sellers know they’ve sold? [14:24]
  • Communicate on purpose! [16:49]
  • Producer Christian’s Tech Tip [17:57]
  • Producer Christian edits his sounder on the spot [21:33]
  • Megan gets you prepped for the actual closing [21:42]
  • The Team talks about their first closings [23:04]
  • Todd gives some tips about how to handle the closing itself [23:52]
  • Terry admits that he’s not as buff as he should be [26:55]



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