Episode 155 (Season 2, Episode 11) – Systems for Recruiting

Episode 155 (Season 2, Episode 11)

Systems for Recruiting

The Boom Team finally gets serious and spends almost half of this episode diving deep into the world of socks! From what constitutes a “throw-away” to the best place to fulfill all of your sock needs, they give you all the details about how you should play your sock game! They also give you the details about what has helped them with recruiting, but let’s get back to socks…

Join Megan, Terry, Todd and Producer Christian to learn what has helped them grow their real estate team over the years, along with suggestions they have for you. (HINT:  it has to do with socks). Recruit. Train. Retain. That’s the name of the game. Recruiting comes first. Listen closely to get a “well-socked” leg up on your competitors!



  • Todd gives our YouTube fans his “sexy look” [01:36]
  • Terry discusses his telltale “signs of a failed sock” [04:07]
  • We’d love your reviews [06:17]
  • It’s go time! [09:23]
  • The Team once again proves they’re a well-oiled machine [11:02]
  • How to attract team members [12:30]
  • When you should recruit agents [17:28]
  • What to use when recruiting [18:44]
  • Be intentional! [21:25]
  • “Old people are really good with years” [22:10]
  • Producer Christian is our unsung hero! [25:25]
  • Producer Christian’s first ever “Sock Tip of the Day!” [25:58]



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