Episode 156 (Season 2, Episode 12) – Systems for Retention

Episode 156 (Season 2, Episode 12)

Systems for Retention

You prepped at night, started the day right, built your business, and have a team there to assist you. But how do you keep them? The Boom Team dives into the systems that you need to not just retain your team members, but have them singing your praises!

In addition, Todd breaks away from his reliance on Producer Christian and uses his own sounder to introduce America’s latest game to sweep the nation, “Photo Bomb”! (This game actually didn’t go over very well.)

Join the Boom Team, take a walk down Retention Lane, and send us your most recent GIFs/selfies! (It’ll make more sense once you listen. You’ll also understand why it didn’t go over well. Sorry. We tried—kind of.



  • The Team discusses who can go the longest without laughing [02:25]
  • This episode is all about Employee Retention! [05:48]
  • Terry is concerned about the upcoming game [07:12]
  • Megan starts off by focusing on communication [08:05]
  • Please make sure you’re “touching” your agents [09:00]
  • Todd breaks in with his own vocal sounder and our latest game, “Photo Bomb”! [10:20]
  • Todd realizes that his game is not as much fun as it was in his head [12:18]
  • Christian delivers his Tech Tip that is not really a Tech Tip [14:22]
  • Megan’s Hot Tip! [16:12]
  • How often do you meet with your team? [17:01]
  • #1 reason that someone leaves a team… [20:04]
  • Todd’s Hot Paragraph! [21:01]
  • Christian’s Business Cliche:  “People leave bosses, not companies” [21:55]
  • The team needs to bond with each other, too [22:50]
  • “Let the wrong people go” [24:49]
  • “Photo Bomb”, Round 2 [25:01]
  • What percentage of your phone’s photos are selfies? [28:30]
  • Todd’s construction etiquette concerns the team [30:42]





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