Episode 157 (Season 2, Episode 13) – Systems for Rolling in the Dough

Episode 157 (Season 2, Episode 13)

Systems for Rolling in the Dough

I know you’re crying yourself to sleep right now, knowing that Season 2 of the Boom Podcast is coming to a close.  Well hold those tears back—we have a full episode of new content and a “wrap up” episode still to go!

In our latest episode, the Boom Team celebrates all the money that you’ve made by implementing all of those systems, then teaches you how to hide it from everyone. Okay, we don’t go that deep. But we do teach you ways to ensure that you’ll have plenty of money moving forward to run your business like a business and to play the long game! 

Of course, what would be a Boom Podcast without some fun? Here are a few important questions that you need to consider right now. Then, message us with your answers:  1) Can you swim in a pool of jello?  2) What’s your favorite pudding?  3) What do you call your money? These are very important things to consider.

Now, back to your crying…



  • Todd looks sickly [01:42]
  • Megan is bringing ripped denim back [03:03]
  • How does Scrooge McDuck swim through his money? [06:10]
  • Can you swim out of a pool of jello? How about pudding? [07:09]
  • First, establish a budget [09:42]
  • What types of accounts should you have? [10:23]
  • How do you do your pudding? [13:29]
  • Our old friend Negative Roy is back! [17:07]
  • Track your expenditures weekly [18:01]
  • Todd calls out all the names of money [19:12]
  • Now it’s time to analyze those simoleans [22:28]
  • Budget, track, analyze. Budget, track, analyze. Budget, track, analyze. [23:00]
  • It’s a “Tech Tip” with Producer Christian! [24:08]



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