Episode 158 (Season 2, Episode 14) – Season 2 Wrap Show

Episode 158 (Season 2, Episode 14)

Season 2 Wrap Show

It’s finally here—the moment you’ve been waiting for! The end of our incredibly well-thought-out instructions on how to systematize your life and business.

Sure, the Boom Team took 148 episodes to wrap up Season 1, but look how much more efficient they were this season. Just 14 episodes to learn how to implement systems across your business!

Join Producer Christian, Terry, Megan, Todd, and Jordy as they reminisce about of Season 2, including the nuggets of wisdom, Christian’s Tech Tips, and Todd’s Question of the Day. In addition, Jordy was challenged to come up with a quick song to sum the whole season up. Of course, he did an amazing job!

It’s been lots of fun this season we hope you’re in a better position now than when you first started Season 2. (If not, we’ll gladly refund your purchase price.) That’s a wrap on Season 2, so it’s time to celebrate with nougat-filled candy bars for everyone (except Christian). See you next Season!



  • 12 vs. 148??? [02:07]
  • What’s your favorite candy bar? [03:13]
  • How do you pronounce “nougat”? [03:58]
  • Megan’s favorite candy bar is… [05:44]
  • Christian likes Heath?! What’s wrong with him! [06:41]
  • Todd wants your car [08:31]
  • Christian wants to add three new jingles to our Outro [10:31]
  • Jordy displays his talent and makes up a Boom song while the show is recording. And it’s good, too! [14:36]



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