Episode 159 (Season 3, Episode 1) – Season 3 Launch

Episode 159 (Season 3, Episode 1)

Season 3 Launch

Unfortunately for all of you, they’re back! After a small hiatus and ample amounts of cucumber facials and couples massages, Terry, Megan, Todd and Producer Christian are back. This episode also features guest appearances by Video Jordy and Assistant Holly.

The team is ready to crush another season designed to give you everything you need to help grow your business, so that you can enjoy your life!

Whether you’re looking for something new this season or the same antics from previous seasons, the Boom Teams breaks down what’s in store this go-round. As you’ll quickly hear, not much has changed.  They’re ready to deliver hard-hitting content, but will most likely soak it in a bowl of warm humor and fun! Join The Boom Team as they kick off Season 3!


  • Welcome to Season 3! [1:30]
  • Todd goes opera [3:27]
  • Real Estate on Purpose (REOP) is available again [3:46]
  • Todd wants your hair [4:08]
  • What would you do with cat whiskers? [6:00]
  • Who are we? [6:32]
  • We want to talk to you! [9:03]
  • Season 3’s Topic:  Lead Generation [9:36]
  • Christian did not coin “sheeple” [11:02]
  • Megan breaks down the season [11:57]
  • Todd talks about spicing it up [14:16]
  • Todd introduces our first sponsor! [16:00]
  • Terry shouts things to end it [17:18]



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