Episode 160 (Season 3, Episode 2) – 5 Keys to Lead Generation

Episode 160 (Season 3, Episode 2)

5 Keys to Lead Generation

As the Boom Team gets this season started, they’re wagging fingers in a motherly fashion as they give you the “5 Keys to Remember” as you tackle these lead generation options.

Of course, Todd brings his antics as he allows Terry to show off just how much of his childhood involved watching “Saved by the Bell”, as the team plays America’s new favorite game:  “Saved by the Boom”!

And what would our Season 3 show be without a sponsor to help potentially pay the bills? Enjoy this episode as we continue with our (still) new season. Also, don’t forget to hit us with your favorite “Saved by the Bell” trivia!



  • The podcast starts with some real tension [1:06]
  • Megan re-introduces what Season 3 is all about and what we’re doing today [3:28]
  • There’s a new award in town:  The Boom Podcaster of the Day! [4:48]
  • Key #1 – Choose Wisely! [6:06]
  • Terry asks a solid question [8:55]
  • Key #2 – Back it up with a System! [10:41]
  • Boom ponders re-releasing the nearly-famous “Boom CRM” product [12:44]
  • Boom’s Episode sponsor for this week:  DollarUndies.com [14:08]
  • Key #3 – It’s all about the habits! [16:11]
  • Key #4 – Hire help! [18:10]
  • Do what you love and outsource the rest [19:10]
  • Todd’s Game of the Day:  “Saved by the Boom!” [19:31]
  • Terry’s “Saved by the Bell” knowledge is scary [22:20]
  • Dustin Diamond pulled a knife on a dude…allegedly! [24:45]
  • Key #5 – Continually Audit! [26:51]
  • Producer Christian wins his Herman Miller chair back [27:19]





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