Episode 161 (Season 3, Episode 3) – The Only Thing to Sphere Is Sphere Itself, PART 1

Episode 161 (Season 3, Episode 3)

The Only Thing to Sphere Is Sphere Itself, PART 1

As if the title just wasn’t long enough, we couldn’t even cram the content into one episode! So, we extended the title and made it a two-parter!

The Boom Team is back and ready to break down exactly what you should be doing with your sphere, specifically, how to market to them. In Part 1, of course things get off the rails—as they typically do—but you’ll truly get a feel for what the Boom Team values when it comes to lead generation.

Be sure to close your eyes and listen intently! (If you’re driving, please don’t close your eyes, but then again, if you’re driving, why are you reading this right now. Busted!) Enjoy another episode from Producer Christian, Megan, Terry, and Todd!  Let’s get our sphere on!



  • Have you ever heard of a human dickery-doo? [1:55]
  • The Boom Team is learning to count [3:52]
  • Jordy names this episode [4:42]
  • Relationship-based business should be 60-80% of your gross [5:58]
  • “It’s a simple game!” – Coach Dick Alter [7:20]
  • Terry has a problem with open-mouth chewers [9:01]
  • Who should you market to? [9:42]
  • Define and organize those that make your list [12:02]
  • Step up your game and get a CRM! [13:29]
  • Organize your peeps into Levels [14:18]
  • Organize your peeps into Categories [15:42]
  • Today’s sponsor is www.MorticiansOnly.com [16:52]
  • Work your sphere! [18:56]
  • Too many agents forget past clients [20:11]
  • Megan gives us a Bonus Tip! [21:08]
  • Working “without” your sphere [22:27]
  • “Are you better than the cold leads?” [23:55]
  • Todd reminisces about jury duty [25:31]



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