Episode 162 (Season 3, Episode 4) – The Only Thing to Sphere Is Sphere Itself, PART 2

Episode 162 (Season 3, Episode 4)

The Only Thing to Sphere Is Sphere Itself, PART 2

The Boom Team has a new competitor in town:  “The Bang Podcast with Tad Ferris”! Like the heroes they are, however, they press forward in an effort to keep their tens of fans loyal to the “real” Boom Podcast!

In this episode, Todd, Terry, Megan, and Producer Christian follow up the last episode by doing a deeper dive into marketing to your sphere. They’ll not only break down how to categorize each person in your sphere by level/category, but also by the type/amount of marketing towards those people.

In addition, they reference Plato, Play-Doh, Orbeez, and a tiny hard drive that makes the team laugh until they cry! Tape those earbuds into your ear holes as the team lays down some ear bombs!



  • Todd and Megan’s first Awkward Moment of the Day in Season 3! [1:57]
  • Join Todd’s Sphere Marketing Webinar [4:02]
  • Christian loves Play-Doh [5:25]
  • Megan hates Orbeez (and babies) [6:28]
  • Megan breaks down the goal for the day [7:57]
  • Todd breaks down the simple, 33 Sphere Touch System! [10:56]
  • We prefer two phone calls a year [13:27]
  • It’s been scientifically proven—everyone has a birthday [13:45]
  • Christian brings up the smartest thing ever said on Boom! [15:14]
  • Megan breaks down how to work your VIP’s [17:16]
  • Terry finds a story about triplets born on separate days [18:55]
  • Megan breaks down Level 2’s [19:32]
  • This episodes sponsor:  The Bang Podcast with Tad Ferris [20:04]
  • Differences between Level Marketing and Category Marketing [22:11]
  • Producer Christian’s first Tech Tip of the season. (Maybe it should be his last.) [24:48]
  • Why do we pass things around? [26:55]
  • The team absolutely loses it over gigabytes [27:43]
  • Megan drops some bonus tips [28:20]





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