Episode 163 (Season 3, Episode 5) – Open your Heart to Open Houses

Episode 163 (Season 3, Episode 5)

Open your Heart to Open Houses

The Boom Team ask you to open your hearts and minds to a coveted resource for real estate lead generation that many abandon too quickly. Walk down memory lane and enjoy some tips about getting back into Open Houses! Learn how to maximize these opportunities to earn both immediate and long-term business! From the advertising prior to the Open House to the actions to be rocking at the event itself, here’s your chance to do it right!

Of course, what’s a Boom Podcast without going astray at some point? The team brings out their best Star Wars noises, Producer Christian fills us in on his deep country music knowledge and Blockbuster uses your ears to make an amazing comeback. Enjoy getting back into Open Houses!


  • Todd challenges the Team to do a Star Wars noise [1:27]
  • Producer Christian reveals his Season 3 jingle [3:46]
  • Todd has a heart-to-heart with agents [5:49]
  • Megan breaks down why you should do Open Houses [8:35]
  • Open Houses can be used for buyers AND sellers! [10:25]
  • Todd breaks down how to do Open Houses [11:08]
  • Producer Christian introduces the greatest country song title of all time! [11:45]
  • Stop listening to experienced agents…(kind of) [13:04]
  • Use video to advertise your Open House [14:06]
  • Use the 10-10-20 rule before Open Houses [16:47]
  • Use weenies (or other give-aways) to advertise your Open Houses! [18:20]
  • First impressions are key! [20:49]
  • Your overall goal with an Open House [23:12]
  • This episodes podcast sponsor:  Blockbuster [24:20]
  • Todd’s ninja tips [26:54]
  • Have you tried flag football? [27:52]
  • Open your body to open houses! [29:35]
  • Megan’s Final Thought! [30:03]



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