Episode 164 (Season 3, Episode 6) – Social Media Sensation

Episode 164 (Season 3, Episode 6)

Social Media Sensation

Not sure if you’ve heard of Facebook, but it’s a new “world wide web” craze that’s sweeping the nation! So, the Boom Team gets ahead of the madness to give you valuable tips on this how to navigate this new community! We’ll help you maximize your lead generation capabilities so that you can play in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

Join Todd, Terry, Megan, Producer Christian, and Jordy, as they lay down social media tips, best practices and processes to develop a strong social media lead generation practice. But you know there’s more! The Team plays “5 Seconds” and talks about Producer Christian’s spare shower. Life keeps getting better!



  • Todd now showers at Producer Christian’s place -and- paints his toe nails [1:30]
  • Megan orders more swag [3:28]
  • This episode’s sponsor:  “Buber” [6:18]
  • Megan kicks off by showing how to build a social media brand! [8:46]
  • Be bold and branch out to mix up your content [11:12]
  • Social media rule:  Post More! [13:01]
  • Be sure to comment on the comments [13:52]
  • Terry makes an Instagram post about Todd’s feet [15:55]
  • Let’s play “5 Seconds!” [17:03]
  • The goal is to capture contact information [20:35]
  • Todd shares ideas for posts that work [22:51]
  • Geo-targeting, Re-targeting and Link-targeting your audience [25:01]
  • Back to the “5 Seconds!” game [27:59]
  • Megan has quick tips for your posts [30:50]
  • Put your links in early! [32:05]





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