Episode 165 (Season 3, Episode 7) – Network Your Brains Out

Episode 165 (Season 3, Episode 7)

Network Your Brains Out

Todd and Megan have been in a BNI (Business Networking International) group for 14 years and they annually rock about 10% of their closings off of networking alone! With that, the Boom Team delves deep into the why, how, and where of networking for business!

On today’s show, Terry reveals that he’s playing injured, yet persevering through the pain. Even while in extreme physical discomfort, he somehow manages to veer off track and talk about non-network-related items like:  1) The muscle tone of Todd’s booty, 2) How to spell words like ‘conscience’, 3) How to quit your job, and 4) How to quit life.

Strap in and enjoy the ride—this show may get a little bumpy!



  • Todd is proud of his Gluteus Maximus [1:44]
  • Story of why Terry is playing injured today [2:09]
  • Todd is proud of Megan’s Gluteus Maximus [3:39]
  • For Todd and Megan, networking is key! [6:00]
  • Difference between an “ambivert” and “omnivore” [8:14]
  • Networking First Step:  Find everything offered in your area [9:37]
  • Networking Ninja Tip #1:  Avoid the broke people [12:35]
  • Networking Ninja Tip #2:  Find groups that are exclusive [13:20]
  • Have a goal when attending networking groups [15:11]
  • FORD Method of Conversation (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Dreams) [16:41]
  • Todd can’t spell [19:11]
  • Today’s Boom Podcast Sponsor – “Uncle Lou’s Cash Advance” [20:41]
  • It’s all about the follow-up [22:57]
  • Steps to quitting your job! [24:20]
  • How are you going out? [25:02]



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