Episode 166 (Season 3, Episode 8) – B2B, It’s for Me!

Episode 166 (Season 3, Episode 8)

B2B, It’s for Me!

Trick shots, butt cream and geographic networking! It’s all right here on the latest edition of “The Boom Podcast” with Megan, Todd, Terry, and Producer Christian!

Join the team as they take you on a tour through town and teach you to network with various businesses and”persons in the know”. They’ll end the tour at a chat room to help you meet people outside of your area, too.

You can find and build enough relationships  to sustain a career in real estate. But…you have to have a plan in place that describes where to go to find those relationships, and know what to do when you find them.

Networking is the foundation of any real estate business plan. It’s all right here in this episode entitled “B2B (Business-to-Business), It’s for Me”! Enjoy the ride!



  • The Boom Team starts the show with a trick shot! [2:21]
  • Will you help us fund our Boom Warehouse? [3:05]
  • Holly has already secured the warehouse! [4:50]
  • It’s  NOT time for a Tech Tip [6:32]
  • You must give to receive [8:08]
  • Pro-tip:  Get to a leadership role in your network group [9:29]
  • Looking to recruit for your team? Find someone who rocks a non-profit! [12:54]
  • Teach your people how to fish [13:57]
  • Be the “One Stop Shop” [15:58]
  • It’s time for Producer Christian’s Tech Tip! [16:28]
  • Four minutes later and we’re just now wrapping up Christian’s mediocre Tech Tip [20:44]
  • Find the right people to network with in the community [22:15]
  • The Boom Team proves once again how immature they are [24:16]
  • Today’s sponsor:  Bubba’s Butt Cream [24:45]
  • Are you networking with those outside your area? [27:15]
  • Focus your main networking in your preferred geographic location [28:57]
  • The Boom Team loves Katie Clancy from Cape Cod [30:24]



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