Episode 167 (Season 3, Episode 9) – Farm Fresh Leads

Episode 167 (Season 3, Episode 9)

Farm Fresh Leads

Living in Indiana has given the Boom Team a specific set of abilities, one of which is to understand all the nuances of farming! Of course that’s horribly inaccurate, but…they do know how to market to a geographic area. (A concept known in real estate as “farming”.)

Join Megan and the boys as they break down the entire farming process, all while making awful references to actual farming. In addition, they debate whether to P.O. Box or not to P.O. Box; whether or not Megan needs medical attention; and how they envision their future as creators of the world’s finest animal-hair-woven garments.

Things just can’t get any better…(that’s not true).



  • Why are our listeners so angry? [1:42]
  • What’s your stance on P.O. Boxes? [3:23]
  • Todd studies up on actual farming [7:46]
  • Farming Step 1:  Check turnover rates [9:13]
  • Todd does a terrible farmer impersonation [10:58]
  • Farming Step 2:  Prep the land [11:31]
  • Make sure you’re touching your farm at least 12 times a year [12:45]
  • Farming Step 3:  Plant the seed [14:31]
  • Megan may have had a seizure [14:33]
  • Farming Step 4:  Consistently attend to your farm [16:03]
  • Megan sings to her crops [16:58]
  • Farming Step 5:  Harvest your crop [18:04]
  • Good ol’ Bill Murphy and his petunias [22:48]
  • Todd gives some great farm marketing options [24:00]
  • Megan rocks some quick tips to wrap up your farm [25:18]
  • This episode’s sponsor:  “Cat Paws” [26:50]



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