Episode 168 (Season 3, Episode 10) – Shine Online

Episode 168 (Season 3, Episode 10)

Shine Online

The Boom Team recently found out there was this thing called the World Wide Web (“www” for short!), so they studied up for the last three days and are ready to fill you in. We’re hoping that you, as a real estate agent, can take full advantage of “www”. In this episode, we teach best practices for branding online, grabbing leads online, and then converting online leads into actual business!

In addition to all of the online fun, Terry teaches Todd about sausage, Todd teaches the team about Florida, and Producer Christian teaches Megan about women who wrestle! All of this is wrapped up into a nice podcasting-burrito and seasoned with a sponsor and a new jingle. Get yourself a burrito of your own and enjoy “Episode 10:  Shine Online”!


  • Todd and Megan start the show with their standard sword fight [0:50]
  • Terry shows you how we “make the sausage” [1:23]
  • Our newest jingle! [3:56]
  • Famed Baseball Coach Dick Alter makes another appearance [5:30]
  • Do you have a real estate website? [7:31]
  • Hot Tip:  Use other social media influencers [8:43]
  • Rapper/Kardashian Travis Scott makes the podcast! [10:44]
  • “Relevance equals revenue” [13:41]
  • Always watch your online reviews! [15:14]
  • Landing pages can be a great place to gather contact information [18:16]
  • Producer Christian apparently watches WOW (Women of Wrestling)? [20:22]
  • Todd introduces the Boom Team to the “Florida Man” game [23:16]
  • The “Set It and Forget It” strategy [27:20]
  • Bottom line:  always offer value! [29:15]
  • Today’s sponsor:  “Sawing Legs Bed and Breakfast” [30:04]
  • Megan adds a couple of final tips [31:30]



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