Episode 169 (Season 3, Episode 11) – FSBO For The Win!

Episode 169 (Season 3, Episode 11)

FSBO For The Win!

Season 3 is coming to an end, but not before we talk about every agent’s arch nemesis—For Sale by Owners! As you’ll soon discover, the Boom Team thinks they’re more fun than they sound. In fact, they can be an easy and integral part of your business. It’s all in how you approach it.

Join Megan, Todd, Terry, and Producer Christian as they list the reasons why to try FSBO’s! We talk about how to work FSBOs into your business plan and how to convert them easily to sales.

Speaking of “easily”, Todd will teaches all the incorrect ways to say “viscosity”. Plus, the team reminisces about when they first met…as well as someone’s backside. Join us for the fun and friendly advice in Season 3, Episode 11 “FSBO For The Win!”


  • The Team shows off their volleyball skills [1:33]
  • Reminiscing about the first times we met [4:22]
  • Remembering the roommate who “pampered his posterior!” [5:43]
  • What is a FSBO? [8:52]
  • Reasons to go after FSBO’s [10:02]
  • Why do FSBO’s FSBO, anyway? [12:07]
  • Producer Christian reminisces about a guy that made his own teeth out of driveway rocks [12:51]
  • Today’s sponsor:  “Swiss Army Butter” [17:01]
  • Todd creeps Megan out [20:20]
  • What to do with a FSBO [21:14]
  • Ways to get FSBO business [23:25]
  • Key is to give value! [24:29]
  • Earn respect and then you’ll earn business [26:01]
  • Don’t forget to follow-up! [27:08]



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